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BIAG is a technically oriented industrial association for companies active in the European market for barbecues, fuels, firelighters and relevant accessories. BIAG takes into account the fact that the companies in the grill and barbecue industry are predominantly medium-sized, and is specifically designed to assist them with any questions they have. This is achieved through the continuous development of the legal framework and the technical standards - not only in the national states, but also at the European level.
Since its inception, BIAG has tried to ensure highest standards of quality and safety as well as the development of sustainable products.
The association unites the industry's companies, combining their strengths and protecting their interests. As a trade association it lobbies on behalf of its members - taking into account competitive conditions. It has a close and trusting working relationship with politicians, administrators, scientists and economic associations at all levels. It also offers its members a broad range of services as well as many opportunities for interdisciplinary dialogue.
BIAG also sees itself in a role as market observer and as stimulus for progress and development. One of BIAG’s essential core tasks is in the area of networking as well as information and knowledge mediation.
In an increasingly specialized and globalized economy, the innovation cycles are being shortened. The demand for more complex solutions is growing steadily. Small and mediumsized enterprises are increasingly forced to network with business partners or co-operation partners in order to be able to compete on the market. Large companies need cooperation with small, flexible companies in order to react faster to changing market trends. BIAG is actively involved in standardization projects and the development of technical minimum requirements at national and European level, such as the constant updating of DIN EN 1860 for "Appliances, solid fuels and firelighters for barbecuing" and DIN EN 498 " Specifications for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances - Barbecues for outdoor use ".
In 2014, BIAG for the first time organized the "European Charcoal Forum". The "European Charcoal Forum" is the communication platform of the European and international charcoal industry.
Addressees are all companies that produce, process or trade coal from non-fossil origin. It does not matter what the charcoal is used for; the decisive factor is that the same raw material is used. The ribbon between the companies, which are members of the charcoal forum, is thus charcoal. The European Timber Coal Forum convenes in the spring and autumn of each year. It is common to all members of the charcoal forum that they stand for.
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